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An ancient Egyptian oil sacred to the Element of fire. It is used for Purification and Protection.

An ancient Egyptian lunar blend. It is used in moon rites as well as for stimulating one's psychic centers.

This is the sacred oil of Abra Melin the Magi. It is used to anoint the altar and ritual equipment as well as certain talismans and pentacles.

The wood of the Acacia is burned on Buddhist altars. The oil is used as an aid in meditation and prayer. It has a very high spiritual vibration and is an excellent aid in psychic develop ment.

A specially formulated oil for use in healing. It has very soothing vibrations and a few drops in the bath after a hard day will help restore one's vitality.

This oil is used to anoint candles and talismans to attract good fortune and financial gain.

One of the oils used by the ancient Egyptians. It has a very magnetic and sensual vibration. It is often used in love perfumes.

A special Qabalistic blend of sacred essences suitable for anointing altar equipment, candles and ritual tools.

Sacred to the Goddess of love. This oil has a very sensual vibration and is said to draw men like a magnet.

An ancient Assyro-Babylonian blend of exotic bouquet that is sacred to the goddess Astarte in her love aspect. It is highly seductive.

An ancient Egyptian formula that vibrates on a sensual note. It is as seductive and mysteri- ous as Egypt herself.

Used to anoint candles burned to attract prosperity. It may also be used to anoint one's wallet or cash register.

One of the spiritual incenses. It is used to anoint a blue candle for peace and tranquility; It is used to anoint a white candle for blessings and protection.

This is a lunar essence and is worn to stimulate the psychic centers. It may also be used to anoint white or silver candles for Moon Magic.

This oil is worn for luck in games of chance. It is also used to anoint green candles in certain money drawing rituals.

Used in Voodoo to attract good fortune, but due to its association with the planet Venus, it is primarilly used in perfume blends of a romantic nature.

A rare and exciting blend that captivates and enchants the opposite sex. It is said to draw like a magnet.

This animal scent is often used with Musk and Ambergris in the formulation of "Love oils". It is very sensual.

This ancient Egyptian formula comes from the dynasty of Cleopatra, whether or not the Queen wore this particular essence is not known, but it is more than probable that she did. It is very exotic and alluring yet subtle.

Promotes peace and attracts good fortune. It may be used to anoint either Green or Blue Candles.

A Voodoo oil for use in the rites of Dambalah. Very powerful vibration.

A fragrance sacred to the American Indian. An excellent aid for astral projection or visionary meditation.

A psychic blend formulated to assist one in ESP and all types of Divination. Anoint wrists and forehead for best results.

A special formula to attract the loved one's attention. It may also be used to anoint candles used in Love rituals.

Wards off evil and negativity. Wear for protection.

Ancient Druidic formula for use in dressing the Altar and ritual equipment. It may also be worn for blessings and protection.

A special formula said to assist one in communicating with the Nature Spirits and Elementals of the forest.

A special formula for use in massage, but it may also be worn for it sensual bouquet.


A very rare and special blend formulated from the ancient Egyptian papyri. It is one of the sacred anointing oils used by the ancient Egyptian priesthood in their magical rites. It is an oil of blessing and protection that vibrates on a very high spiritual plane.

Very healing and purifying, it may be worn on self, or used to anoint candles for the same vibratory purpose.

One of the sacred oils, it has a high spiritual vibration and is used to anoint the altar, candles and ritual equipment. It may be worn on the self for blessings and protection.

Very magnetic and soothing, brings peaceful vibrations and heals misunderstandings.

Attracts spiritual blessings, protection and assistance. This oil is often worn by trance mediums.

This is an old Romany formula that is used to attract things on the material plane. It is highly magnetic and can be used in all circumstances where one needs help in finances or material success.

Another old Romany formula that is worn to attract and capture a lover.

Aids psychic development. Anoint the temples and wrists prior to Divination. Anoint the temples prior to going to sleep for prophetic dreams.

This oil is sacred to the Goddess in Her dark aspect of Evocational Magic It is an excellent oil for trance mediumship.

This ancient Egyptian formula was worn by magical Adepts. It has a very powerful spiri- tual vibration. It may be worn for protection and psychic energy.

The ancient Egyptian formula is the personal anointing oil of the Sorceresses. It is for women only. It is very magnetic with powerful vibrations.

Powerful prayer influence, it aids in opening the way for spiritual development.

A unique blend that aids one in attaining inner plane contacts and teachings. It vibrates on the mental plane and tends to stimulate the consciousness.

This is an ancient Egyptian formula that is used to attract success and prosperity. It may either be worn or used to anoint green & gold candles.

A special oil for anointing the altar, ritual equipment and white candles for blessing.

A Qabalistic Anointing Oil that comes down to us from biblical times. It is one of the formulas most frequently used by Hermetic Adepts to consecate the altar and ritual equip- ment. Very high spiritual vibration.

This lovely fragrance stimulates the mind and aids in concentration. It is excellent for meditation.

A very sensual blend of flowers and spice that excites the passions and draws romance.

A sensual love oil that has very erotic vibrations.

Sacred to the Great Goddess, this oil can be worn for blessings and protection. It may also be used to dress ritual petition candles to the Goddess.

This sacred oil is used for anointing purposes to raise the vibrations of the home or temple. It has a powerful influence and is an excellent aid in meditation.

An alluring essence that weaves an aura of romantic mystery about the wearer.

An ancient Egyptian holy oil that vibrates on the spiritual level.      (See "Egyptian Kyphi")

Brings peace and harmony, it may be worn or used to anoint a blue candle for peace.

Said to draw luck and success, it may either be worn or used to anoint mone draw candles.

Aids the memory and concentration. It is also good in helping bring peace and harmony to the home. In Voodoo it is said to bring Spiritual assistance.

This is the sacred flower of the goddess Isis. It has a high spiritual vibration and is worn for blessings and protection, good fortune, happiness and long life.

This is a drawing oil and is suitable for anointing lodestones, candles and talismans.

An excellent aid in meditation and spiritual development. One should anoint the temples and the wrists.

A magical oil of protection and power, it may either be worn or used to dress purple candles of power.

A sacred ancient Egyptian blend that is used to anoint ritual equipment, candles and may also be worn for blessings and protection during rituals.

This unique Celtic blend vibrates on a level of magical power. It is excellent for use in all types of rituals. Its influence is compelling and commanding, and is therefore one of the favorite essences of Initiates and adepts.

Very soothing and healing, but can also be used as an aid in prophetic dreaming and for meditational purposes.

Said to be excellent for business as it draws financial gain and success. It can be used to anoint a green and gold candle to attract prosperity, and used to anoint one's wallet or purse for the same purpose.

Lady Sara's special blend, sacred to the Goddess, and formulated for all lunar workings. It stimulates the psychic centers, and may be worn as a personal oil by all lunar ruled indi viduals. This oil may also be used in certain love rituals where the Moon Goddess is invoked .

A dusty rose fragrance that weaves a subtle mystique about the wearer. This essence is for the woman who knows how to use the magic of delicate.

Very magnetic and sensual on the material level. On the higher vibrational level it aids in strengthening will power.

One of the sacred essences. It vibrates on a high spiritual level, and is used for blessing, protection and purification.

Sacred to the Goddess and ruled by Venus, this oil is used to anoint candles in love rituals and worn to attract romance.

Said to have very healing vibrations both on the astral and material planes. Anoint temples and wrists.

A blend of rare essences that weaves as aura of enchntment around its wearer. The formula came from the dynastic period of Nefertiti, the Goddess queen of ancient Egypt. It is not known whether or not she actually wore this particular fragrance, but it is quite possible.

This unique blend of rare herbs is sacred to the Goddess of sleep and dreams. It is said to aid one in dreaming prophetic dreams. It stimulates the psychic centers, but also has a very soothing effect on the nerves.

An ancient Egyptian blend for use in purification and healing.

A fresh outdoors scent that is vitalizing and uplifting.


Sacred to the Great God in his nature aspect. This unique blend whispers of crystalline pools, blue-green glades and the mysterious scents of the deep forest. It may be used as a ritual anointing oil, but may also be worn for blessings and protection.

An ancient Egyptian blend formulated to stimulate the mind and aid concentration and perception.

In Voodoo this oil is regarded as a love essence, but its true nature is that of warding off evil, dispersing negativity and restoring peace.

One of the essences sacred to the Forest God and the Nature Spirits. It is said to bring their assistance and blessings when worn or used ritually.

A special formulation to stimulate the psychic centers. It is often worn by Mediums and Tarot readers.

Sacred to the Goddess, this lovely fragrance dispels negativity and promotes love and affection.

Wards off evil and negativity. It may either be worn or sprinkled about the house.

This oil is used for uncrossing. It is said to break hexes and ward off evil.

An ancient Egyptian blend sacred to the god Thoth. It vibrates on the mental plane and is said to stimulate creativity.

A special blend formulated for deep meditation that aids one in entering the deeper levels of the consciousness.

One of the sacred essences. It vibrates on a spiritual level. It is excellent for use in healing as well as for blessings and protection.

A very rare blend that vibrates on the sexual centers. It is highly erotic and stimulating.

An ancient Egyptian blend formulated for healing and blessing.

This blend is the nectar of Apollo or Ra and is used in all solar rites. It may be worn for blessings, prosperity, honor and success.

A special oil for Wiccan women. It is magnetic and sensual, weaving an aura of mystique around its wearer.

An ancient Egyptian blend formulated for use in healing on both the physical and material planes.

This oil is worn to attract love, loyalty and devotion.

This blend catches the clear sweet fragrance of the high mountains. It calms the nerves and lifts the spirit.

This oil is of the element fire and as such is worn for its vitalizing effects as well as for purification. People born under the fire signs enjoy this oil's vibratory effects.

This lovely essence promotes peace and harmony, wards off evil and aids in psychic devel opment.

This is an American Indian blend specially formulated to bring blessings, prosperity and a life of fullfillment.

An ancient Egyptian blend specially formulated to be worn by Adepts. It has a powerful magical vibrations.

Wards off negativity. It can be worn, used in the bath or as a floor wash.

It is used for purification and the warding off of evil spirits. It may be used in the same manner as Verbena.

Ruled by Venus, this floral essence is used to promote peace and attract romance..

A special anointing oil for use in Voodoo rites.

One of the sacred floral essences of the goddess Isis. It is worn for blessings, happiness, love and protection.

A Celtic blend sacred to the Goddess. It is worn for blessings and protection. It is also used by Priestesses as a personal anointing oil.

A special blend for members of the Craft. It is worn for magical power, blessings and protection.

A truly Pagan fragrance ... the fresh clean scent of the rainwashed moor ... unusual, haunting and wild.

This lovely floral essence is said to attract the help and protection of good spirits. It may be worn, used to anoint candles or sprinkled about the house.

An Elfin fragrance that brings peaceful and happy vibrations. It is also said to aid one in communicating with the Faeries.

It wards off evil, and is said to help one in Evocational Rites. Saturn rules it.

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Essential oil percentage

This is a basic understanding of essential and fragrant oil.
We will talk about Rose oil. There is much information about it on line and printed so misinformation can be found and discounted easily.  First you must know that there are no rules regarding the name or description of a fragrance. Not like food. If you wish to know how much water is in your orange juice, it is available. Yes about 95%. What is the other 5% ? It is not easy to find out. How about Milk, how much water is in it?
With Rose oil it is easy. The base chemicalís are Citronellol and Geraniol  and Nerol. Yes these are the chemical names of Rose oil there are about 50 chemicals in the oil. The percentage will very by region. Rose Otto is water distilled. Rose Absolute is solvent extracted. What solvent? Well there are 2 most popular solvents for fragrance. Dipropyline glycol or DPG and Isopropyl Misstate or IPM. The Isopropyl is used mostly for liquid soap and body lotion. It is mostly an alcohol but freezes at about 40 degrees. This makes it unusable in cold weather. DPG is used mostly for fragrances as it helps prevent the oils from being absorbed through the skin and is safe. There are no rules on names, quality or percentage for any fragrances.
One company got a copyright for the name Therapeutic Grade. It is just a name and has nothing to do with the quality of the oil. Today in 2022 these numbers are true for most essential oils. The cost of one ounce of Rose absolute is about $1200. The percentage of rose is about 50% and solvent 50%.The pure rose does not smell very good and must be diluted just to give a fragrance. A good quality Rose essential oil on the open market is about 5% oil in the DPG base. This costs about $40 an ounce. A good quality fragrance oil with the rose chemicals in it is about $5 an ounce.
Now a chemist like me can blend these to get a very agreeable fragrance for a fair price. Letís not forget about stabilizers. These are more chemicals that can be added to the fragrance to make the fragrance last longer. I would never add these to my products.
This has been my hobby for many years.  Russ